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Dentist Reviews from Our Satisfied Patients

Our broad range of services and multiple office locations offer families a convenient solution for their dental health needs. Below are just some of the dentist reviews we have received from patients that have experienced improved dental health as a result of high-quality care provided by our expert dental team. Take a look at the dental reviews below to see what our patients have to say about Signature Smiles:

“My son had to have a baby tooth removed. He was extremely nervous. Both the dentist and assistant were kind and calming in their demeanor. After pulling the first, the dentist suggested that a second should be pulled for the adult teeth to grow in evenly. The reason for 4 instead of 5 stars was, not enough time was given to numb the second tooth. While the novicane was given, it needed more time to take effect. My son felt every bit of the second tooth being pulled and that was a little to much for an 11 year old. My suggestion would be to verify with the patient that they feel numb before proceeding.”
Terah N.
Patient, Signature Smiles of Sherman Ave

“The people are kind and know what they are doing. The wait time can be difficult, but getting there at least thirty minutes ahead of time helps.”
Melissa G
Patient, Signature Smiles of Sherman Ave

What our patients are saying: